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BodyWorks Chiropractic Testimonials

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Very Happy

The nicest people I’ve met. You are treated with respect and they care for our needs. I am very happy to be going there for my treatment and it’s working wonders. I’m feeling much better since my first visit and would recommend to anyone.
- Donald T.


Very nice and clean practice. Friendly staff and doctors.

- Araceli O.

Looking Forward to Treatments

Everyone there is very enthusiastic and engaged. This was a more thorough analysis of my condition. I look forward to the treatments and how to get more activity back into my daily routine . The facility is very clean, bright and well kept. The equipment seems to be in very good condition.

- Shawn H.


The whole staff was welcoming during my first visit. Dr Mark was very clear when explaining to me his findings on my X-rays. He made sure I understood what he was saying. I would highly recommend Body Works Chiropractic just like my friend did to me.

- John Z.

Relaxed Environment

Dr. Kara and Dr. Mark are truly amazing! I love the relaxed environment, their inspiring personalities and their passion to not only treat with personalized chiropractic care but to educate throughout the process. I highly recommend BodyWorks Chiropractic whether you have an issue or not because their theories and practices support overall health and to strive for a better quality of life. Thank you, Dr. Kara and Dr. Mark!

- Donna F.

Very Comfortable

I have to see a chiropractor at least once a week, so it is important that I had someone who I felt comfortable with since we would be seeing each other so often. I am not a fan of the chiropractic chains that are out there so I was looking for a family owned type of place. They provide a relaxed environment as well as try to educate you throughout the adjustment process. The adjustment tables are in the middle of the open room with a small partition separating the different areas, which is a little out of the ordinary. But it is pretty interesting to see someone else get adjusted while you wait to get an idea of how things are done, and you get used to the exposure quickly. It is also convenient to have two doctors working in the same facility because they have different adjustment techniques so if you don’t particularly like the way one adjusts you, you can see how the other one feels. I would recommend anyone in need of a chiropractor to try Dr’s. Kara and Mark first.

- Carli V.

Saved My Life!

Mark and Kara have saved my life. Being a former college football player I thought my body was done. Once I started working with them I was actually able to move my neck again! Not only did they save my neck, I am now able to walk and run without any pain in my lower back. Mark and Kara are truly lifesavers!

- Nick C.

Forever Grateful!

I had been watching the signs going up and anxiously awaiting the opening of a new establishment called BodyWorks for about four months. Just seeing the sign made me believe this would be a place that would finally be able to relieve my pain. The day I saw it was open I went in to find out how such a place worked. Walking in the door, the decor was so soothing, the layout inviting, it appeared to have everything ready to go… and it was!! I felt a real connection. Dr. Kara greeted me, very genuine and confident, and after a few moments of “how do I know you” we discovered that indeed,we did!! Dr. Kara and Dr. Mark have opened their practice where Dr. Kara grew up. I received a full explanation of their philosophy and how they practice as Chiropractors. I made my first appointment immediately and can only say that the physical changes that are happening are just short of a miraculous. I will be forever grateful.

- Michelle N.

Highly Recommend!

I’ve suffered with chronic back pain for years with no relief and medicine was no longer helping. I knew I needed to do something. After years of bouncing around from chiropractor to chiropractor with no answers and very little relief, I was fed up and ready to quit.

That’s when a friend of mine recommended this office to me that had recently opened near her and so I decided to give it one more try. I am so glad I did! From the minute I walked into this office I immediately felt relaxed and welcomed, the office is beautiful and everything is clean and new. Upon my initial consult with Dr. Kara & Dr. Mark, I knew that they had a passion for what they do & for the overall health and well being of their patients. Because of the routine x-rays they take, they were able to notice something that no other Dr has before. They explained to me that this could be the reason why I have suffered with pain for so long and that my previous treatments may have only been exasperating the problem.

Together we came up with a treatment plan that worked best for me and for the first time in years I felt confident that with time, treatment and these 2 amazing doctors I would be feeling better soon! I highly recommend anyone suffering with discomfort or pain to make an appointment today!

- Jackie C.C.